Unusual presentation of COVID in young men

At Ashok One Hospital in North Mumbai, we have seen two young males presenting with the following symptoms:

A 29-year-old male presented on 11th Jan 2022 to our Hospital with sudden onset chest pain followed by loss of consciousness, GCS 5. After admission, he had a high fever of 103-104 for almost 48 hours. Rapid Antigen test, as well as extensive fever workup, was negative. A neurological review and MRI Brain imaging were also done was normal. Clinically regained consciousness after 12 hours. The severe headache persisted for 24 hours. However, his RT PCR test result came positive today.

Another 31 yr old male was found unconscious in the bathroom in the morning on 11th Jan 2022, GCS 6, regained after a few hours, he did not have any fever. MRI brain with Angio was totally normal. However, his COVID RT PCR also came positive.

I am Dr. S P Mathew, MD Medicine, and have been practicing for the last 25 years as a Consultant Physician in Mumbai.

I feel these type of cases are indicative of quite unusual clinical presentation seen in this virus and needs further research to elucidate whether these are due to new mutations of this virus. Clinicians also need to be on the lookout for these atypical presentations to enable proper reporting and research.

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