At Ashok Hospital: Department of Counselling & Psychology

We are glad to introduce

Department of Counselling & Psychology 

Seek HELP early for conditions that  AFFECT mental health well being . Well trained psychologists/ psychotherapists and rehabilitation specialists can conduct interventions, support and  offer guidance  to effectively recover from  multiple psychological conditions. 

Some of common mental health conditions : 
Anxiety and Depression 
  •  Excessive and unrealistic worry that is difficult to control occurring more days than not for at least months about a number of events .
  • Motor tension ( e.g ., restlessness , tiredness ,shakiness, muscle tension .
  • Autonomic hyperactivity ( e.g., palpitations, shortness of breath, dry mouth ,trouble swallowing , diarrhea.
  • Hypervigilence ( e.g., Feeling constantly on edge, experiencing concentration difficulties, trouble falling asleep, state of irritability .
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Anger Control Problems :
  • Show a pattern of episodic excessive anger in response to specific situations.
  • Shows direct or indirect evidence of physiological arousal related to anger .
  • Reports history of explosive , aggressive outbursts out of proportion with any precipitating stressors, leading to verbal attacks, assaultive  acts, or destruction of property .
  • Displays overactive verbal hostility to insignificant irritants.
  • Engage in physical and emotional abuse to or about significant others.
Antisocial Behavior : 
  • An adolescent  history of consistent  rule breaking , lying, stealing , physical aggression, disrespect for others and their property and substance abuse resulting in frequent confrontation with authority.
  • Little or no remorse for causing pain to others.
  • Pattern of interacting in an angry , confrontational , aggressive and argumentative way with authority figures.
  • Consistently uses alcohol or other mood altering drugs until high , intoxicated. 
Symptoms :
  •  Childhood history of Attention Deficit Disorder diagnosed  due to the symptoms of behavioral problems at school , impulsivity , temper outbursts  and lack of concentration .
  • Easily distracted and drawn   from task at hand.
  • Rapid mood swings within short span of time.
  • Unable to concentrate or pay attention to things of low interest , even when those things are important to his /her life.
  • Restless and fidgety 
  • Starts many projects but rarely finishes any.
  • Tendency toward addictive behaviors .
Substance Use :
  • Consistently uses alcohol or other mood -altering drugs  until high or passed out 
  • Unable to stop or cut down use of drugs or alcohol once started despite desire and negative consequences .
  • Denial of substance abuse in spite of the direct feedback from immediately family and others .
  • Produces blood study results that reflect a pattern of heavy substance use
  • Continues drug or alcohol use despite recurring physical, legal, vocational , social  or relationship problems that are directly caused by the use of the substance. 

We are here to help you and your family. Complete confidentiality and internationally validated processes at Shalom Lifecare will help you to completely transform your life.

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