Violence against doctors, the unwritten secret

I’m writing this as events are unfolding in India which were unheard of. Violence against healthcare workers has witnessed an increase which has left many including doctors confused and angry. 

There have been many discussions all across about the what, why, whom and how to tackle this problem which has led to a complete shut down of all Medical OPD and routine services in the entire state of Maharashtra fur the second day today.

Violence seen against doctors comes from a desire to get something. Justice perhaps? Or as an outburst from within, an anger that cannot be controlled.

What is causing this rage, these outbursts of violence? 

The unwritten reason, I feel, is a lack of peace within. 

Peace is a term derived from Shalom. But the English language fails to convey the full meaning of the word Shalom.

We may say that India and Pakistan are not at war, so we are at peace. But that is not the peace we want, especially in the context of a relationship between the healthcare worker and the patient! 

Peace in the sense of Shalom is not just an absence of conflict, it’s a positive relationship of mutual trust, respect, love and concern. 

This peace can only come when you are at peace in your heart. In your relationships. With yourselves, with your creator, and with others. 

This is not a peace which can be obtained by observing certain rules like in diet or habits. It is not a peace that can be self generated, no matter what breathing technique or mantra you use. It is not a peace that can be enforced by legislation or increasing security in the workplace! These methods have been tried fur centuries, but have failed miserably.

It comes in your heart when you realise that you are a forgiven sinner. And that, I believe, is a realisation that comes mysteriously. 

Only those who realise who they are, and what the Lord has done for them, can really experience Shalom. 

It can be difficult to accept this fact about your identity, for various reasons. Pride or tradition could be the a reason. Or your heart may not like to hear the truth. 

Let God be the judge. He knows you, and yet loves you. The Bible says he hates sin but loves the sinner so much that he took the punishment due on the sinner on himself. 
So dear reader, violence against doctors, police, and others will only cease when each and every person experiences Shalom, true peace. That is a picture of heaven on earth, isn’t it? 

God bless.

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