1 Minute Movie Contest 2022

Here is an opportunity to use your creative skills to convey a message that is much needed in present-day times.

Do Christians make the world, and especially India, a better place? Does faith in Jesus Christ really make any difference to others, even in the mundane, daily, and ordinary moments of life?

The theme of this Movie contest is “How Christians make a real difference in the world”.

Submit your original video that communicates to the world how Christians make the world, and especially India, a better place.

You can submit a one-minute video that communicates to the world how Christians make the world, and especially India,  a better place. The setting should preferably be one that people across the world, but especially in India can relate to in their daily lives.

It can be in any language, with English subtitles, though videos that convey the message without dialogues are also welcome.

The active message content should be preferably one-minute [60 seconds] duration, though you may extend it to 90 seconds if absolutely needed.

You can provide details about the team that produced, either separately or as credits.

As a Creator Participant in this contest, here are a few guidelines:

The Content must be in Video format with minimum dimensions 1920 x 1080 / 1080p or equivalent in vertical or horizontal orientation.

The content must be your own creation and not belong to anybody else.

By submitting your finished work, you implicitly allow Shalom Lifecare to use your work in any format and at any place of their choice. Shalom Lifecare will give credit to the creator/s of the content wherever due and required.

This contest is open to all.

The last date for entries is 15th February 2022.

The Judge’s decision will be final.

You will be judged based on the following criteria:

The clarity of communication to an Indian Audience

The conciseness of the message

The recall factor

How practical the idea would be for practicing Christians to emulate

The Google form for registering is available by clicking here.

Our aim in this venture is twofold: To demonstrate that Christians make a real difference to the world, thus giving glory to the Lord, and encourage Christians to touch lives and transform the nation of India through simple daily actions and works that spring out of our love and faith in our triune God.


  1. This competition is open to all and free.
  2. The video should be minimum 1920 × 1080 HD, With stereo sound and English subtitles. Without Audio is also acceptable.
  3. Language of the short film can be in any Indian regional language, Hindi, or English but should have english subtitles
  4. Duration : Minimum: 1 Mins. – Maximum: 2 mins excluding credits
  5. The last date of submitting the video will be 15th of February 2022 , Results will be declared on social media handles on or before 10th March 2022
  6. Selected videos will be showcased on YouTube Channel and on social handles
  7. Selected participants will be asked to share behind the scene photos for promotional activity.
  8. Selected participants will carry two logos “One Minite Movie Competition 2022 Organised by Shalom Lifecare” & “An Initiative by Shalom Lifecare”
  9. Promotions will be done by the organizers on sponsors social handles.
  10. Selected video content will have to share downloadable video content link on shalomlifecare@gmail.com
  11. All content before showcasing on our social handles should not be made public through any other platform
  12. Prize money
  • 1st prize : 50000/- (INR)
  • 5 Great One Minute Movies prizes 10,000/- Each (INR)

All the best and we are waiting for your short film based on the selected topic

Get in touch for further queries at shalomlifecare@gmail.com

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